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Lamp Shade Brief Introduction

Flyway Lighting Factory | Updated: Aug 01, 2017

In current fast development business environment, fashion trend at any kinds of industry are changing very fast too. Designers in each field are trying to create the fashion lightspot to lead the market. Like the nature marble pattern design these years, it is used on many products, like electronic products, bathroom products, kitchen products, lighting products.

In Flyway lighting, we are specialized in the table lamp, ceiling light, pendant light, and lamp shade. Today, I want to share the lamp shade fashion and factory production process.

For the pendant light and table lamps, there are 2 parts can be changed easily to catch up the fashion trend. One is lighting base, another one is the lighting is the lamp shade.

Basically, Lamp Shade is very easily for customers to change to follow the home design, even some customers can hand make the lamp shade at home, as it is really very easy to make.

There are different kinds of material lamp shade, like metal wire, rattan, bamboo, fabric, stamped metal sheet with patterns, papers, PVC, etc.

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